Eat Fit Mum Repeat

Huge welcome to you all who have joined me here, on my amazing new journey. 3 weeks ago I became a Mummy for the second time and I am seriously ready, to SMASH some serious big body, bossin’ and business goals for 2017! Things are about to get super exciting!

I’m Rheagan and I am my very own Mamaboss. I work from home around my 2 young daughters who are 6 and 3 weeks old. I love that your here and ready to find out all about my journey! I really wanted the opportunity to reach out to everyone out there taking on some form of goal for 2017. No matter what it may be, you can totally smash it and I hope that my blog can help support and spur you on duringyour  goal journey – you can think of me as your very own cheerleader!

So where are we starting from?
I gave birth to my daughter, Avery, 3 weeks ago and had a pretty rough pregnancy. I didn’t get to work out and exercise as I liked too and that is something I really missed doing. I also know that I function at my best when I invest in myself to feeling good. When the opportunity of a 54 day fitness challenge came up, I knew it was 100% game time to getting myself bounced back and being able to be the absolute Mamaboss, I am!

You’ll see through this blog we have 3 themes and these are what I am passionate about and what I love. I love that I can talk to you straight, as a Mum, a new Mum again and go through all those motions whilst working to a plan that works for me as a busy Mummy, making sure I am getting all I want to fulfil my life and make my busy schedule work.
Utilising an incredible range of products that I am so passionate about, also brings a HUGE comfort to knowing I am getting the best quality of what I am putting into my body to support me along my fitness journey.

So today is day 1 of my 54 day challenge… Let’s Rock and Let’s Roll!

See you on the other side!

Rheagan X


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