Day 1 – Kicking off the Cleanse

So here we are day 1 and I could have easily thrown in the towel this morning. With 2 hours sleep and rough night with baby, I could have thrown the duvet over my crazy homeless styled hair and easily consumed my body weight in carbs.

If I didn’t start today what would I have gained? Nothing. I would have slipped into the many typical routines of just pushing it back until tomorrow, and then the day after that, and then the day after that. It’s not how I roll, not this year, not this time.
So blurry eyed I opened up my cleanse pack, began to read over the instructions and got down too it. I took my concoction of supplements, and asked myself a question?

‘This is day 1 of 54. Are you seriously ready to commit and make your body goals happen?’

100%. Without doubt. Let’s go.
So I figured this – 9 months of feeling pretty rubbish and having an extremely trying pregnancy, I was investing 54 days into making myself feel fantastic and that seemed like a good enough investment to me! Plus, I owe it to my girls, my business, my family and myself to be on top of my game. So why the hell not?

Day 1 has come and gone and I can’t complain, I am feeling ok. What I love is that this close after birth I can use this programme and feel good about it. The one thing I need to totally aware of is that I can’t be going hell for leather. Not at all. This is about starting my journey with ease and easing myself back into my exercise routine. So we started with a brisk walk.
3o minutes of bobble hat fun and Avery catching flies, a perfect day for it too.
So I got a pure 30 minutes of staring at my gorgeous 3 week old baby and picked up the pace round the block and I felt really refreshed and revitalized.


Day 1 Rundown – #foreverbringit 
I started with a weigh in and my measurements which I felt not too bad about, especially after just having a baby and a very indulgent Christmas & New Year. Roll call –
Weight – 69kgs
Waist – 36in
Chest – 38.5in
Hips – 37in

Combined with a handful of supplements, your trusty Aloe Vera drinking gel, topped off with plenty of water your set up for the day ahead. Everything is explained step by step in a booklet so its super easy! It even explains when your allowed to have your free foods which are snacks for you to utilise throughout the 9 days!

Lunchtime came and I started to feel a little peckish, and heck no, the blender broke! But the chocolate shake is so delicious you didn’t really need to mix it up with anything else. Who wouldn’t want a chocolate milkshake for lunch right? Again supplements went down a treat and I was on to the afternoon!

As I had a pretty rough night the evening before with baby, it was time for an early night! So a hot lavender bath, a face mask and a cup of aloe blossom tea was just the right way to send me off to an early night. And I really appreciated the early night so much I didn’t notice any hunger pangs!


Top Tip for Day 1 of the Cleanse
– Don’t procrastinate about the exercise. Don’t overcomplicated it. Just get outdoors and take a walk, put in the headphones and enjoy the fresh air.

Roll on Day 2…

See you tomorrow!
Rheagan X


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