Day 2 – Chocolate? On a Cleanse? You heard me!

OK, So I’m not quite suggesting a large bar of Dairy Milk 2 days into the cleanse, but hey with a little creativity – it’s amazing how far we can go, and we aren’t so far off!

Here I am, Day 2 into the cleanse and a busy day ahead, I definitely advise keeping busy as this is the day you can start to feel a little hungry. Although surprisingly I didn’t hit any hunger pangs until the evening, and I guess that was most likely smell of the family tea.
PROUD MOMENT – I didn’t cave in, I headed out to drop off some more cleanses for friends who are joining me on it!
A few moments of energy lulls were curbed by my trusty bee pollen, which was an absolute godsend! I couldn’t quite believe how much these beauties stopped me thinking about the lack of caffeine – however doing this with a 3 week old baby, that’s an effort if I do say so myself!

Apart from that, I really can’t complain. I’m already starting to feel slimmer, better about myself and excited for what else is to come!!

However I did have a little brain wave on how we can change-up our free foods list! So stick the broccoli, leeks, spinach & spring onion in a pan, stick it all in the blender and keep it on the hob. You have a lovely green super soup!

Day 2 – My Shake Recipe – Chocolate Orange Shake


If like me you overindulged in on the Terry’s Chocolate Orange this Christmas, then this was a perfect recipe to make me feel well and truly treated this morning!

300ml of unsweetened Soya Milk
1 Scoop of Forever Ultra Chocolate Shake Powder
1 Small Orange

– First wash and peel the skin of orange and grate the orange peel
– Pour in the milk, pop in the powder, add the orange and grated orange peel
– Blend until your heart is content!

Who knew it would be that simple to make cleansing so enjoyable!

So for me it’s Day 3 tomorrow and it’s time to weigh in and to get the trusty measuring tape out!! Here it all goes!! ๐Ÿ˜€

See you tomorrow!
Rheagan Xx


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