Day 4 – Finding your Flow

It can be pretty hard to find an exercise you actually love to do! What I’ve found though is that it doesn’t take much. A 30 minute walk and then I’m combining it with a really simple home based workout which is far from complicated! 

Considering I gave birth just a little over 3 weeks ago now, I still have to consider what it is I’m doing and make sure it’s not too strenuous. So for me it’s been about gentle core strengthening exercises and of course importantly pelvic floor muscles! 

Looking back at my results from my cleanse last year and I can’t help but feel pretty excited for what is going to come on Day 9 this time! Of course it’s beyond that, because this time it’s 54 baby!πŸ’ͺ🏼

Here are my results from my first C9! 

What’s happening to my body this time is phenomenal. With no trace of a baby bump (which I sadly miss at times), I have also started to see some definition in my stomach and definitely up top. Importantly though it’s good to identify what your body needs and I’m excited for the next step in building muscle mass and toning up! I can’t wait to show you my results! 😁
The misconcpetion is that we have to be doing loads of exercise to get big results. What I’m enjoying, is very little and very often! 

Join me tomorrow night and I’ll be talking about handling a weekend and indulgence temptations! 

Speak soon! 

Love Rheagan x 


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