Why the long pause?

So the last few weeks have brought on so many new different opportunities and meanings about, and well it would seem I have come to a place, to this blog, my runway to blow the lid off a fair few things.
It wouldn’t go a miss that I have always had an opinion, sometimes a strong one at that, and other times I would allow and celebrate the support of others but never have I been afraid to stand up for what I believe in.
Life experiences are what make us, and I feel I can use my voice to help and support others with what I have experienced. Now that doesn’t make me fully qualified and educated, that just means I felt and I have dealt and I am ready to share with you a strange and bizarre set of circumstances and a world that you might just be able to relate too.

So where am I going with  this? Quite frankly, as far as I see fit. I want to take you all on a journey that I believe isn’t so outspoken by others, some of it is personal, some of it a lot of you will relate too.

Yes, I am a Mum to 2 beautiful girls, yes I like to take good care of myself but it hasn’t always been that way. Like anybody else, I had demons to fight with who I was becoming as a person, who I became as a person and just being comfortable in my own skin.
See, growing up, through my teens and my early twenties I carried the stigma of the girl who knew all about cosmetic surgery without actually having any. How does that happen? You’ll find out.

So after 5 years of sitting back, keeping my ear to the ground for the innovative measures that were going to come to the cosmetic surgery industry, it would seem we have taken a step back. Strike one.
All of a sudden we are bombarded  by social media and the new mummies who gave birth 2 seconds ago and have a washboard stomach, is this really the added pressure we need to put on new mummies? Strike two.
Where did the good old fashion aims to just feel good become the second priority to looking good? Where is the logic in that? Strike three.

I could be striking out all day, but here is where you will find me, helping and supporting, opening up conversations that need to be had this day in age, not just for me ‘a modern day busy mum’ (what even is one of those?) but for every girl, boy, teen, man, woman, child, person, soul & life who just may take a little comfort knowing that I have your back.

It’s time we should be raising women and our daughters up to celebrate and appreciate the body’s, minds and world we are without prejudice or discrimination and more importantly than to be feeling that you need to look and be a certain way to fit in with society.

It’s time we stepped up the game.

See you soon
Rheagan X


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