The Deets

As the horizon of my 30’s is subtly approaching it made me truly reflect on the first decade of my adult life as it comes to a close. So now is your chance to run, run for your life and never look back, save yourself…

Nope, I’m totally kidding but it did get me thinking about how things have not really gone to plan, how some decisions have been monumental and pivotal moments of life, and how I’m still not even sure how I got here really.

But surely a twenty something Mum of 2 this day of age can’t be successful, hold down a job, manage to spin 50 plates of home life, mum life, keeping sane, even date again and god forbid she turn up looking like she’s been dragged through a hedge without 3 nights of sleep because that would be failing wouldn’t it? Well if this is failing, I am damn good at it. I work hard, harder than I ever have in my life. I have insane drive and passion to help other Mum’s too and provide for my babies. My kids are wonderfully healthy and importantly, happy. I am still making some pretty questionable choices on a daily basis, but every single one leads me to something more fascinating and even new lessons. I found a love for learning and an even bigger love for the time and experiences we find having children and adjusting to life with our new schedules, but more than ever, how fitness and wellbeing changed my outlook and lifestyle in all of that.

I want this blog to bring a message to any Mum that reads this. Yep, we get this shit wrong all the time. We all feel pressured to be the ultimate ‘instamom’, all of a sudden be able to bake and have pristine hair without cheerio’s washed up in and killer abs apparently. I’d like to think how simplicity in all aspects of self care, love, health, fitness, exercise, parenting, daily life can be the biggest tool to helping us Mamas achieve some balance. (I’m still working on this so I will let you know)

I want you to read this and know on the good days your smashing it, on the bad days your still smashing it and everything else in between is all part and parcel of the journey of motherhood. Let’s keep it real, let’s keep it honest and let’s not allow anyone to define who we are as mothers, women and genuinely fabulous human beings.

‘No One Is You, That Is Your Super Power’

Enjoy and love
R x