Be a Mama Boss 


When I didn’t have to make a choice, that’s when I really began living my life.’

As a Mum, I never really and truly understood what pressures would come from the world around me and I totally underestimated the expectations of mothers in today’s society.
I made the decision in June 2015 that I wanted to be a Mum on my own terms, released of those expectations, dictated too by the time restrictions of maternity pay schemes and well quite honestly, I was ready for a life a little more than extraordinary.

Now I have the pleasure of working with busy working full-time Mums, single parents, grandparents, and amazing people from all walks of life to help them have one of those lives…the easier, the more enjoyable and the one a little extraordinary.

Magical things happen, when you find the courage to pursue change.

I was working 70-90 hour weeks. I missed the nativity plays, the important appointments, the parent evenings and the moment that I was leaving the house at 5.30am to watch my daughter’s little face at the window, broke me. I realised I was living a life I didn’t want to live. That I should have been there for the school drop off and pick up and for all the shows, plays and appointments in the world. That was exactly what this incredible business opportunity gave me.
Now I am my own Mama Boss. I work where and when I want and have the time back with my family. Most importantly, I am now working my business around the arrival and amazing new journey of being a new Mum all over again. I would love to work with more Mama Bosses where ever you may be out there – Your vibe attracts your tribe right?

Whether you or someone you know is looking for an extra income around your full-time busy commitments, or know someone who might be looking for a better work life balance then let’s connect. Get in touch with me using the contact form below.

The world never has enough Mama Bosses! Come and join me.

Rheagan Xx