C9 Complete – What 9 days did for me?Β 

Over and out!πŸ’ͺ🏼 The C9 Cleanse is done and I completed it with immense ease.  It's easy to keep focused when you feel strong and positive in your mind and that's exactly what this programme has given me.  So 4 weeks after giving birth to my beautiful second baby daughter, I was going to take … Continue reading C9 Complete – What 9 days did for me?Β 


Working Your Weekend Right On a Cleanse

Your cleansing, this doesn't mean you have to become a hermit. In fact, I've been more productive in the last 7 days than I can remember in a long time!  You don't have to bail on living life because your cleansing, enjoy it more! I've had more energy and felt so amazing that it's just … Continue reading Working Your Weekend Right On a Cleanse

Day 4 – Finding your Flow

It can be pretty hard to find an exercise you actually love to do! What I've found though is that it doesn't take much. A 30 minute walk and then I'm combining it with a really simple home based workout which is far from complicated!  Considering I gave birth just a little over 3 weeks … Continue reading Day 4 – Finding your Flow

Day 3 – Drop it like its hot!

'Babes do you think I look slimmer?' 'Yes, absolutely, round your waist mainly'  Absolutely the correct answer!! I do and I am feeling a little fabulous as I slip on my jeans. A week after giving birth I was already sliding them on with ease but I was still feeling a little sluggish & tired.  … Continue reading Day 3 – Drop it like its hot!

Day 1 – Kicking off the Cleanse

So here we are day 1 and I could have easily thrown in the towel this morning. With 2 hours sleep and rough night with baby, I could have thrown the duvet over my crazy homeless styled hair and easily consumed my body weight in carbs. BUT... If I didn't start today what would I … Continue reading Day 1 – Kicking off the Cleanse